Spotless Clean Air Services

Spotless Aircon Cleaning Benefits

Want to know the importance of having a clean air conditioner is and the benefits? See below for details on what a Spotless aircon clean can do for you!

Save up to 30% on running costs

As the air conditioner accumulates dust and mould over time, primarily on the top of the case, coil, fan and air well this will limit the airflow and cooling capabilities which makes the aircon work harder to keep up with demand. This comes at the expense of increased power usage.

Stop the spread of bacteria and virus

Air conditioners work by drawing in air from the indoor space followed by cooling/heating the air and releasing back into the area. In this process the air conditioner will accumulate airborne bacteria which can make its home internally and continue to be spread with each operation.

Prevent mould growth and mould spores

During operation of the air conditioner, moisture develops internally. Which makes your aircon the perfect host for mould. Fungi quickly develops in masses and if left unattended, will make its way back out of the unit as it pushes out air into the indoor area.

Increased efficiency & performance

Dirty/blocked air conditioners suffocate. Preventing optimal air flow to the important internal components which greatly reduces the systems ability to reach desired temperatures. The fan will also be less effective in distributing the air into the area, resulting is longer initial cooling times or won't cool the indoor space effectively.

Prolong the life of the air conditioning system

As a dirty air conditioner works harder to try and maintain the desired operational setting, this will cause increased degradation of the unit. Resulting in premature breakdowns and expensive repairs.

Eliminate bad smells

If the system is hosting mould and bacteria, after time these microbes will continue to grow and start letting off foul odours as the air passes through and out into the area. The smell is usually described as a musty, old sock odour.