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Spotless Clean Air Services

Air Conditioner Cleaning Sunshine Coast

Want safe, clean air & save money on power?

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Your local, family-owned & operated aircon cleaning professionals. Offering QUALITY & DEPENDABLE servicing!


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What are the Benefits?

Save upto a WHOPPING 30% on running costs

As the A/C accumulates dust and mould over time, primarily on the top of the case, coil, fan, and air well this will limit the airflow and cooling capabilities which makes the aircon work harder to keep up with demand. This comes at the expense of increased power usage.

Stop the spread of mould, bacteria and virus

Air conditioners work by drawing in air from the indoor space followed by cooling/heating the air and releasing back into the area. In this process, the air conditioner will accumulate airborne bacteria which can make its home internally and continue to be spread with each operation.

Increase efficiency & performance

Dirty/blocked air cons suffocate. Preventing optimal airflow to the important internal components, greatly reducing the system’s ability to reach desired temperatures. The fan will also be less effective in distributing the air into the area, resulting in longer initial cooling times or won’t cool the indoor space effectively.

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Air conditioner Cleaning Sunshine Coast

Friendly & trustworthy

We offering no frills, completely transparent professional aircon cleaning. Dedicated to deliver the best service available, every time. Without any nasty surprises.

Be there on the dot

We aim to be there on time, every time. Expect no inconvenience. If the unfortunate event of delay occurs, we will notify you in plenty of time.

We don't charge the earth

We understand how the importance of finding service at an affordable price, this is what we strive to offer. No hidden extras.

Safety is our priority

We only use 100% effective and safety certified biodegradable cleaning solutions to maintain clean air. Completely safe for people and pets.

What Customers Say About Spotless Air Con Cleaning Sunshine Coast

Peter Ware
Peter Ware
Great service, good price and friendly! A/c works a dream!
Barbara Ormond
Barbara Ormond
More than happy with service provided - Joesph was very approachable- will be using again
Gloria Keylar
Gloria Keylar
As we live in a rural area it was hard to find someone to clean our aircon. I was thrilled to find Joe who agreed to come out and clean our two split systems which were filthy with mould and dust.Joe is very friendly and professional. He did a great job on our two systems. I highly recommend Joe and his services. Very affordable also. We will use him next year. Thank you so much Joe.
Troy Delacy
Troy Delacy
totally recommend this young local man, arrived on time, quality work, friendly and very professional. I have called several trades people over time, so was pleasantly surprised when Jo called me back, booked me in and arrived when he said her was going to. I will be using him again and telling all my friends as well. Thanks Joseph
Lorraine Trego
Lorraine Trego
Joe provided an excellent service and his standard of work was exceptional.
Jake Dowley
Jake Dowley
Complete air-con cleaning did an amazing job. Our air-conditioning system is running better than it ever has. Joseph's professional attention to detail was without fault. Thanks to him we can breathe easier and enjoy the fruits of his labour in comfort. Job well done. Thanks you

Family-owned and operated, Spotless air conditioning cleaning Sunshine Coast proudly aims to provide the best value professional aircon cleaning service available.
Specializing in split systems and ducted sanitation, we remove dust and microbial contamination. Ensuring clean, quality indoor air for staff, families, and customers.

Highly experienced and fully insured, you can expect nothing less than honest, trusted air conditioning cleaning with quality results, all at an affordable price. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

We currently service the Sunshine Coast and all surrounding locations including Noosa, Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Morayfield, and North Lakes. Servicing can also be organized outside of our service area for a small fee.

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Why is Aircon Cleaning Important?

Experiencing any of the following? Get in touch with Spotless Aircon Cleaning Sunshine Coast today!

Cold/flu like symptoms?

As an air conditioning unit is operational, moisture will develop internally. This makes your AC the perfect host to dust and microbial contamination.

If left untreated, dust and mould will continue to accumulate internally and will be blown out of the system into the indoor space. Which has a very negative effect on our respiratory system and overall health. Symptoms can include:
-Dry Eyes
-Sore throat
-Difficulty breathing

Sudden electricity bill increase?

Dirty air conditioners are forced to work harder to alter the air temperature as air cannot effectively pass through the system under operation.

Contaminants also build upon the internal fan over time resulting in excess weight and imbalances.

All of this will result in a system increasing power draw to try to meet the demand.

Aircon not cooling effectively?

Air conditioners work by taking in the air then cooling or heating it before dispersing it into the indoor area.

As dust and mould accumulate inside the important components of the system, this leads to blocked/restricted airflow, resulting in minimal or no change to desired temperatures.

The internal blower fan consists of many blades to push air out, when this becomes dirty, it cannot blow the air out effectively which leads to longer cooling/heating times upon starting.

Aircon cleaning Sunshine Coast
Air conditioner cleaning Sunshine Coast

Spotless Air Conditioning Cleaning Sunshine Coast FAQ's

Air conditioners work by drawing in air, cooling it then sending it out into the indoor area. If the important internal components become blocked/suffocated, the air is unable to pass through it efficiently which prevents desired temperatures from being reached or it may take a long time for the indoor area to be cooled effectively. If the air conditioner is serviced and clean but the problem remains, it is likely the system will need to be re-gassed.

Our Spotless air conditioning cleaning methods are safe and also very effective at cleaning away any dirt, grime or microbial contamination, ensuring your system has the proper airflow and cooling capabilities.

We receive great feedback from our customers regularly, letting us know how much of a positive increase in performance our aircon cleaning has provided on their system. Always enjoy hearing it!

Cleaning the filters regularly is recommended which is easy to do. Mould, dust and bacteria mostly accumulate internally, out of sight and hard to reach. The air conditioner requires proper disassembly to be able to access the important internal components for thorough and proper cleaning.

It is highly advised not to use harsh chemicals like mould killers, as this could lead to damages and also health risks when the unit is in operation. If your unit appears dirty, what you can see is only a small portion compared to the contamination inside of the system that you can’t see.

Spotless Clean Air uses only 100% safe and effective biodegradable cleaning solutions intended to remove nasties, while also preserving and prolonging your air conditioner. Saving time and money on expensive repairs or replacements.

If the air conditioner has presence of mould that remains unattended, these microbes will continue to grow and start letting off foul odours when the air conditioner is operating and circulating the air around the indoor space. This smell is described as a musty, old sock odour.

If you are experiencing this odour from your air conditioner, it’s a clear indication that the unit has mould and bacteria build-up, and requires servicing.

A professional clean involves the use of effective cleaning methods with the right sanitising and disinfecting solutions that are safe and certified to remove bacteria and mould throughout the system upon application.

During the operation of the air conditioning unit, moisture develops and drips down into the condensate pan. Moist environments are the perfect host for fungi and start to develop which will block the drip tray and drain, leading to an overflow. Another reason is the drip tray may not have the correct fall, which prevents the water from draining appropriately to the outdoor area.

Our premium service includes a drip tray and drain clean and flush to ensure there are no blockages and ensure water is being redirected effectively. Preventing any drips and leakages caused by overflow.

Spotless Clean Air aircon cleaning Sunshine Coast services the entire coast and surrounding areas including Noosa, Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Caboolture, Morayfield to North Brisbane and anywhere around or in between. 

We are also happy to organise services out of our service area for a small fee.

It varies depending on how often the air conditioner is used and what location. For a typical system in a domestic setting, it is recommended at least once per year. For systems that operate daily in high traffic areas or indoor areas with people that may be sensitive to dust or indoor air contamination, such as classrooms, the air conditioner may require more frequent cleaning.

We can organise easy, scheduled automatic servicing where will notify you when it is time for service if desired. One less thing to think about, let us do that for you!

Can’t find the answer you were looking for? Feel free to contact us!