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Air Con Cleaning Sunshine Coast

Why Choose Our Spotless Air Conditioning Cleaning Service?

  • We Don't Charge The Earth

    No hidden fees or surprises, you won't get stung with us! Our pricing is transparent and competitive, reflecting the high-quality service you can expect from us.

  • Personalized Approach

    We understand that every client's needs are unique. Our team takes the time to assess your AC system, listen to your concerns, and develop a customized cleaning plan that aligns with your requirements.

  • We Schedule Around Your Needs

    We schedule around your needs with respect to your time and schedule. Our team arrives promptly and completes the cleaning efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily routine.

  • Attention to Detail

    We are not a cover on, spray and walk away service – we delve deep into your air conditioning unit, meticulously removing dirt, dust, allergens, and contaminants on ALL surfaces, not just the ones you can see.

  • Tried and Tested Solutions

    We have vigorously tested many solutions available to suit our strict needs for both safety and air conditioner maintenance and hygiene. We only use 100% effective and safety certified biodegradable cleaning solutions to maintain clean air. Completely safe for people and pets, but not for mould & germs!

  • Industry Leading Innovation

    At Spotless Clean Air Services, we're not just experts in air conditioning cleaning – our commitment to develop the best techniques and solutions are so effective, that even our competitors can't resist copy and pasting. A very nice compliment!

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Save Up To a WHOPPING 30% on Running Costs

dust, mould in a split system air conditioner

Dust and mould accumulation on the air conditioner’s case, coil, fan, and filters limit airflow and cooling, forcing the unit to work harder and consume more power during operation.

Mold, Bacteria, and Virus – Eviction Notice!

air conditioner not coolingAir conditioners pull indoor air, cool or heat it, and then release it back into the room. During this process, the unit can collect airborne bacteria, which can thrive inside and spread each time the air conditioner runs.

Better Performance.. Keeping You Satisfied

20211220 100906Dirty/blocked air conditioners suffocate. Which greatly reduces the system’s ability to reach desired temperatures. The fan will also be less effective in distributing the air into the area, resulting in longer initial cooling times or won’t cool the indoor space effectively.

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Split System Restoration

Ducted System Restoration

Why is Aircon Cleaning Important?

Experiencing any of the following?

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Cold/flu like symptoms?

As an air conditioning unit is operational, moisture will develop internally. This makes your AC the perfect host to dust and microbial contamination.

If left untreated, dust and mould will continue to accumulate internally and will be blown out of the system into the indoor space. Which has a very negative effect on our respiratory system and overall health. Symptoms can include:

-Dry Eyes
-Sore throat
-Difficulty breathing

Sudden electricity bill increase?

Dirty air conditioners are forced to work harder to alter the air temperature as air cannot effectively pass through the system under operation.

Contaminants also build upon the internal fan over time resulting in excess weight and imbalances.

All of this will result in a system increasing power draw to try to meet the demand.

Aircon not cooling effectively?

Air conditioners work by taking in the air then cooling or heating it before dispersing it into the indoor area.

As dust and mould accumulate inside the important components of the system, this leads to blocked/restricted airflow, resulting in minimal or no change to desired temperatures.

The internal blower fan consists of many blades to push air out, when this becomes dirty, it cannot blow the air out effectively which leads to longer cooling/heating times upon starting.

Aircon cleaning Sunshine Coast
Air conditioner cleaning Sunshine Coast

Our Air Conditioner Cleaning Sunshine Coast Service Areas:

Spotless Clean Air clean air conditioners in Caloundra, Kawana, Maroochydore, Buderim and Noosa Regions.

We also clean aircons in the hinterland and surrounding areas such as Palmwoods, Beerwah, Maleny, Montville, Nambour, Caboolture and Moreyfield.