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Ducted System Aircon Cleaning

ducted cleaning

Regular ducted cleaning and maintenance is important to keep the system running efficiently while stopping the spread of nasties and bad smells. Backed by a satisfaction guarantee, our simple and effective cleaning process will ensure you get the most out of your system.

What is Involved in Our Ducted Cleaning
  • Return air filter clean & sanitise

    Cleaning of the air filter will remove dust and grime on the filter to ensure proper airflow

  • Return air inlet and grill

    Thoroughly clean away dust and mould to reduce it entering the system

  • Anti microbial fogging treatment

    Effectively removes 99.9% of mould and bacteria throughout the ducted system. (Premium Service)

  • Duct covers clean and sanitise

    Eliminate dust and mould accumulation on duct covers to remove potential spreading and bad smells in the indoor area

  • Condenser unit clean and sanitise

    Cleaning of the condenser unit coils and fan will further increase the efficiency of the air conditioning system and further reduce running costs.



*Discounts apply for multiple units*



*Discounts apply for multiple units*