Spotless Clean Air Services

Spotless Clean Air - Terms and Conditions

Spotless Clean Air Services cannot be held responsible for any pre-existing condition that is not apparent upon visual inspection. These conditions may include but not be limited to:


  • The customer understands that servicing air conditioners older than ten years is a risk, and accepts that Spotless Clean Air Services is not liable in the event of any failure.
  • Spotless Clean Air Services is not liable for any system damage caused by a previously improper wall or ceiling mounting of HVAC equipment.
  • Spotless Clean Air Services will not be liable for any damage caused by condensate leakage from air conditioners that have televisions mounted on the wall or general-purpose outlets below the air conditioner, at any time after service.
  • Broken or faulty controllers of any kind or any system corrosion.
  • It is our recommendation that no television be mounted directly under a split system evaporator unit.
  • Any damage to furniture, walls, floor coverings, or other property caused by helping with removal to gain access to the work area.
  • Any pump failures or leakage, wherever fitted post service.
  • Faulty or damaged electrical cabling or isolation Switches.
  • Faulty or deteriorated pipework, Insulation or lagging.
  • Due to age or poor maintenance, worn airflow louver motors, brittle louvers or filters.
  • Spotless Clean Air Services will not be liable for faulty printed circuit boards in the evaporator or condenser units.
  • Our services are effective in deodorization but we do not guarantee against odours re-appearing due to systems being installed in different areas/environments.
  • We cannot and will not perform any actions/activities of any nature outside of our legal obligations.