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Your Local Split System Cleaning Service

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Service Care Notice: Be careful when hiring services that clean split systems without removing the cover. It’s important to know that this now common method limits access to various parts of the system. If the cover is not removed, many areas of the system cannot be accessed to be cleaned.

Please be aware of what the service includes to guarantee a proper cleaning and optimal performance of your air conditioner.
Read more on “case on cleaning” here.

Full System Restoration Bacteria & Mould Treatment

Complete indoor & outdoor system clean. Remove & prevent contaminants, odours & leaks.

$149 single unit price

*DISCOUNTS for multiple systems, ask for a fast quote!*

No GST or callouts, NO EXTRAS. We mean it!

What is Involved in Our Split System Cleaning Service?

1. Evaporator Case Clean & Sanitise

Remove built-up dust and mould from unit housing.

2. Filter Clean & Sanitise

Dirty/blocked filters can reduce and stop airflow to the unit which will lead to severely decreased output/cooling efficiency.

3. Deep Pressure Clean of Evaporator Coil

Removal of grime from the evaporator coil will increase system efficiency and performance, reducing running costs by up to 30%

4. Clean & Flush Condensate Pan & Drain

As water accumulates so does mould and bacteria. Slime and microbial build-up will eventually lead to leaks if not attended to.

5. Low Pressure Clean of Blower Fan

Cleaning of the fan will ensure optimal air output of the unit, which will reduce the time needed for the indoor space to reach the desired temperature. It will also decrease excessive noise being caused by imbalance.

6. Air Well Low Pressure Washing

Thorough cleaning of the air well will remove fungi and dust build-up which ends up being blown out and circulated indoors if not attended to.

7. Condenser Unit Clean & Sanitise

Cleaning of the condenser unit coils and fan will further increase the efficiency of the air conditioning system and further reduce running costs.