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Case On Air Conditioning Cleaning: the "Deep Cleaning" Service Leaving Mould in Your System. Be Aware

mould on the back of air conditioner drip tray

Unfortunately, cleaning air conditioners with the case on has become a standard that many “professional deep cleaning” services are providing. 

“Case on cleaning” is a service we strongly encourage to avoid as this does not remove mould and will contribute to further mould growth and might visually give a clean look from the outside but leaves a lot of contamination inside.

We at Spotless Clean Air Services aim to bring awareness to these services and in this post, we will discuss why these services are deceiving and what to look for in a company to ensure your air conditioner is cleaned properly.

What is "Case On Cleaning"?

Case on cleaning is a service that is completed in around 10 minutes. There is no way a system can be properly cleaned in this time without missing majority of the dust, mould and grime inside of the air conditioner.

It has become popular due to how quickly it can be performed which prioritizes company profit over quality of service.

Mould gathers in all areas of the air conditioner; it is important to remove all casing to access all areas and components of the system to ensure all contaminants are removed. Without removing the casing, most areas of the air conditioner simply cannot be accessed for cleaning.

The condensate tray also cannot be accessed which is a very important step in the cleaning process. If drainage is not properly cleaned, this will lead to blockages and cause overflow and leaks. If water cannot properly escape to the outdoor area, this will also promote further mould growth.

Examples of Areas in Air Conditioning Systems We Very Commonly Find to be Ignored.

1. Sides of Coils, Rear Coils and Rear Drain

mould behind air conditioner coils and rear drain
Mould growth on the rear coil and rear drainage. It was reported that this air conditioner was cleaned 2 times a year by a different company, since installation. Signs of a very poor service. This is very commonly found, unfortunately.
mould on the side of air conditioner coils
Mould on the side of the coils, from the same air conditioner above.

2. Behind Blower Fan

mould under air conditioner barrel fan
Commonly after inspection, we have found underneath the blower fan remains untouched and covered in mould. Simply, pressure washing alone does not target this area.

3. Inside of the Air Conditioner Casing/Cover

mould inside of air conditioner case/cover
As you can see, there is a large amount of mould inside of the air conditioner cover. If it is not removed, it cannot be cleaned internally.

4. Condensate Tray and Drainpipe

Air conditioner drain pan blocked with mould
The condensate tray and drainpipe cannot be accessed and cleaned with the case on. Resulting in mould accumulation which rapidly developes.
blocked air conditioner drain
This air conditioner was reported to be regularly serviced, and had leakage. Obvious signs drainage had not been cleaned appropriately, or at all.

Our Mission

Transparency and integrity are our foundation behind the service we provide. Please understand that this article is not intended to slander. We only wish to bring awareness to the method of cleaning which is simply not effective in the proper treatment of air conditioning systems.

With the increasing popularity of cleaning split system air conditioning systems with the cover on, it’s important to ensure the correct servicing is being provided.

Air conditioner sanitation should involve the removal of all bio-toxic materials, which can only be done when all components of the system can be accessed. If the cover is still on during cleaning, it can be assured that there is still a large amount of contamination still left inside the system.