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Frequently Asked Questions

We use strictly the safest and effective biodegradable cleaning solutions available. There are many others that use heavy bleaching products and de-greasers, that mask and do not remove mould. These chemicals also cause damage to air conditioning systems and risk your health, completely contradictory to their claims.

Spotless Clean Air operates with complete honesty and transparency. All prices are fixed, meaning there are no surprises. There may only be additional charges if we service outside of our area of operation, which we will notify.

Air conditioners work by drawing in air, cooling it then sending it out into the indoor area. If the important internal components become blocked/suffocated, the air is unable to pass through it efficiently which prevents desired temperatures from being reached or it may take a long time for the indoor area to be cooled effectively. If the air conditioner is serviced and clean but the problem remains, it is likely the system will need to be re-gassed.

Our Spotless air conditioning cleaning methods are safe and also very effective at cleaning away any dirt, grime or microbial contamination, ensuring your system has the proper airflow and cooling capabilities.

We receive great feedback from our customers regularly, letting us know how much of a positive increase in performance our aircon cleaning has provided on their system. Always enjoy hearing it!

Cleaning the filters regularly is recommended which is easy to do. Mould, dust and bacteria mostly accumulate internally, out of sight and hard to reach. The air conditioner requires proper disassembly to be able to access the important internal components for thorough and proper cleaning.

It is highly advised not to use harsh chemicals like mould killers, as this could lead to damages and also health risks when the unit is in operation. If your unit appears dirty, what you can see is only a small portion compared to the contamination inside of the system that you can’t see.

Spotless Clean Air uses only 100% safe and effective biodegradable cleaning solutions intended to remove nasties, while also preserving and prolonging your air conditioner. Saving time and money on expensive repairs or replacements.

If the air conditioner has presence of mould that remains unattended, these microbes will continue to grow and start letting off foul odours when the air conditioner is operating and circulating the air around the indoor space. This smell is described as a musty, old sock odour.

If you are experiencing this odour from your air conditioner, it’s a clear indication that the unit has mould and bacteria build-up, and requires servicing.

A professional clean involves the use of effective cleaning methods with the right sanitising and disinfecting solutions that are safe and certified to remove bacteria and mould throughout the system upon application.

During the operation of the air conditioning unit, moisture develops and drips down into the condensate pan. Moist environments are the perfect host for fungi and start to develop which will block the drip tray and drain, leading to an overflow. Another reason is the drip tray may not have the correct fall, which prevents the water from draining appropriately to the outdoor area.

Our premium service includes a drip tray and drain clean and flush to ensure there are no blockages and ensure water is being redirected effectively. Preventing any drips and leakages caused by overflow.

Spotless Clean Air aircon cleaning Sunshine Coast services the entire coast and surrounding areas including Noosa, Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Caboolture, Morayfield to North Brisbane and anywhere around or in between. 

We are also happy to organise services out of our service area for a small fee.

It varies depending on how often the air conditioner is used and what location. For a typical system in a domestic setting, it is recommended at least once per year. For systems that operate daily in high traffic areas or indoor areas with people that may be sensitive to dust or indoor air contamination, such as classrooms, the air conditioner may require more frequent cleaning.

We can organise easy, scheduled automatic servicing where will notify you when it is time for service if desired. One less thing to think about, let us do that for you!

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